A downloadable PVZ mod for Windows

This mod is the combination of Plants Vs. Zombies and Countryballs!

In this mod, you must survive from many huge waves of zombies! More long the battle is, the more zombies is! And you will see is the peashooters with flags, it's Countrypeashooters!


The story begins after Crazy Dave defeat Zomboss to eat next taco in Pvz2, Dave want to eat more tacos so he upgraded Penny to go to another universes. Dave accidently found a countrypeashooter universe, right after that, Zomboss arrived in time to stop Dave to eat more tacos because this universe has numerous amount tacos.

Zomboss also used the "objects" in the countrypeashooters universe to do experiments to make the zombies stronger just to stop Dave from eating more tacos. Dave also kidnapped those individuals to do experiences and use them directly to kill zombies, especially defeat Zomboss to help Dave eat more tacos.

After Pvz2, the zombies want to remake the music video when the old music video was deleted with unknown reason.

Note: You can make theories, plot analysis about this mod's storyline (Recommended: you should play this mod in its entirety)


- Version 1.0.0a:

  • OP plants & zombies.
  • Harder and (much) longer main levels.
  • Limbo page & extra minigames.

- Version 1.0.0b:

  • Changed Crazy Dave's dialogues (many).

Install instructions

After download this zip file, you just extract and go to file game.

if you want to uninstall this mod, just delete the mod folder.

Sorry if I made mistakes. Don't take it serious.


PVZ Countrypeashooters 1.0.0b.zip 99 MB
PVZ Countrypeashooters 1.0.0a.zip 99 MB


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